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Create groups to share information while still controlling access.


Manage your contacts within only one tool and share them.


Don't loose your bookmarks each time you change browser or pc.


Access your documents wherever you are. Edit them online...


Manage your tasks and follow-up the ones your assigned to others.


Manage your planning and make it accessible to certain people.

 Synchro - SMS

Synchronise with Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android. Send SMS via the Web., as tasty as a belgian chocolate.

  • Complete e-mail solution

    Access your email via a browser, Outlook, smartphone, tablet. Functions : IMAP, Pop3, Pop3 server, filters, discussion mode, search ...
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  • Simple offers advanced but easy-to-use and complete options.
  • Secure

    All your data is protected against spam, virusses, or non-authorized access. We also make sure your personal life is fully respected. Your personal data will not be forwarded or sold to anyone.
  • Confidentiality

  • Hosting your data on our servers, located in Europe and managed by a European company protects them from the American government and intelligence agencies ("Patriot Act", PRISM).

  • Your data and their back-ups are hosted exclusively on European soil. We therefore comply with the European and Belgian legislation and regulations, among others these regarding data protection. You have a right to consult, rectify and delete your data (the right to be forgotten). If you ask for the deletion of your account, all your data will be completely deleted from our application.

  • We entirely control our servers: we wrote the software and no subcontractor can access our systems. The team members who can access the system have signed a confidentiality agreement.

  • In case of an inquiry we require an official injunction signed by a judge to reveal any data.

  • In addition your data are "anonymized" and spread throughout our servers: in case of intrusion, they cannot be located.

  • Since more than 13 years, our mission is hosting and protecting your data. Our business model relies on paid subscriptions and customized versions. Therefore, we don't analyze data to create marketing profiles nor do we monetize users through advertising.
  • Independent

    Have you thought about What will happen to your e-mail address when you decide to change your service provider ? Thanks to your email will remain totally independent of your Internet provider.
  • Personalization options

    Do you like an impersonal address like '', '' ? Use an address that is easy to remember, or better still, use your own domain name (only for subscriptions). In addition, can also be personalized with your own look and feel or subscription formulas.
  • Accessible

    You will have all-time access to your account, via Outlook, an internet browser or your mobile phone. even offers news feeds via RSS, e-mail or text.
  • No advertising

    Some services think you like having your e-mail box filled with advertising. We do not share that opinion. You will not find a single advert in your account. We also do our best to protect you against spam.
  • Free

    The free version offers a wide range of options and for a small monthly amount you can expand your account capacities to your liking.
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  • And much more is so much more than just an e-mail solution. You can manage your schedule, set meetings, manage your contacts, share documents, write notes, assign tasks, set-up a wiki, etc...
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Your data are safe and protected from third-parties and the American Government and agencies ("Patriot Act", PRISM).
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